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Crisis events, acts of cyber security, physical terrorism and criminal opportunism have created many dangerous environments throughout the world. As a result, organizations today, from large corporations to smaller non-profits, are met with complex security challenges. From cyber security to product management executives, their employees and their respective families face threats to their financial stability and in some cases, to their physical well-being, due to the high-risk areas in which they operate. These individuals need to understand their surrounding environments and have established crisis response plans firmly in place.

Global Security Agency Inc. ("GSA") provides corporate and private crisis management consulting services worldwide. Executive of GSA are sensitive to clients needs and are committed to delivering effective response services. GSA's consultants work with clients to identify security vulnerabilities, provide security training and assist in the establishment of effective incident-management protocols.

The services offered by GSA and its clients include:

Cyber Security Shipping Information-Travel Security
Crisis Response Personal Protection Services
Risk Analysis Personal Protection Assesment
Guidance Services POA Security Programs
Strategic Planning Services  
Maritime Division

Through licensing and internal assets, GSA is securing a proprietary process to analyze, identify and address vulnerabilities in an organization's critical IT infrastructure.
Ransomware attacks are poised to more than triple in 2020 as the race for corporate data heats up among hackers. Hackers taking advantage of a lax in security in facilities and devices is presenting opportunities that GSA hopes to address with its solutions.


The risk of kidnapping for ransom has dramatically increased in many parts of the world as a result of weak law enforcement and a disparity of wealth in local regions. GSA specialists understand the high-risk aspects of a kidnapping and know how to manage the process to facilitate an effective outcome. GSA consultants act as intermediaries with outside contacts and provide clients with guidance, regular reports and post-incident briefings and analyses. The GSA team has experience throughout the world including Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


Corporations, family businesses and wealthy individuals are susceptible to extortion and threats, especially if they live or work in high-risk countries. GSA provides extortion-readiness planning and crisis-resolution services. Company personnel are experts in evaluating circumstances, identifying possible options and recommending a solution that is best for the client and the situation. Company consultants know how to respond to extortion threats, demands and tactics based on years of global experience dealing with common criminals or sophisticated political groups.

Wrongful Detention

Located throughout the world, GSA's consultants have experience in negotiation, intervention and liberation tactics. GSA works hand-in-hand with outside parties in an advisory capacity to free the victim without harm or incident. This process often involves dealing with law enforcement or government officials.

Malicious Product Tampering

Customer loyalty, brand integrity, corporate reputation and business continuity are all at risk when an organization experiences product tampering. GSA's experienced consultant's help companies ensure consumer protection by teaching them how to respond to an incident with the least amount of commercial damage, prepare for the unexpected, reduce potential harm to personnel, minimize litigation and protect the reputations of their organizations. Consultants can also assist with investigations through incident containment, information collection, asset tracing and product safeguard recommendations.


Physical Security Surveys

GSA's consultants are experienced in conducting site surveys and vulnerability assessments of private residences, corporate headquarters and critical infrastructure such as nuclear or chemical facilities. Global Security Agency surveys are based on the needs of the client and vary by location, type of business, employee access, culture and threat potential. GSA provides key security recommendations to reduce the risk of the client and better secure its assets and people. The Company also provide implementation oversight if requested by the client.

Executive Risk

Understanding executive risk, vulnerabilities and how to modify behavior to enhance security are critical skills for executives. Kidnappings and extortion incidents can transpire within an organization, at home or during international travel. GSA train executives how to avoid dangerous situations during the course of their routine life, schedule and travel. Company specialists inform, educate and train executives to minimize their chance of being victimized by enhancing their security awareness and environment which they can also deliver similar training to family and staff members.


GSA provides routine background checks, extensive pre-employment investigations and employee breach-of-good-faith investigations. GSA's experts can investigate access to privileged information, theft of confidential information, financial misconduct and sabotage. Company consultants can also conduct internal and external investigations of criminal or malicious activity.

Business Intelligence and Corporate Due Diligence

GSA's consultants conduct comprehensive domestic and international corporate due diligence investigations specifically designed to benefit multinational organizations with interests in developing markets such as the Americas, China, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. GSA provides reliable, factual intelligence and background information about key business parameters so that clients can make informed business decisions.


Comprehensive Guidance Services
• Mitigate the risks to our clients, people and operations through total comprehensive cyber security and consulting
• Complete crisis management and contingency planning
• Corporate public identity management
• Complete insurance security requirements
• Risk and threat security auditing


Strategic Planning Services
• The designing and implementation of intelligence-based solutions begin with strategic     planning
• New market growth using our services equips clients seeking to expand into markets with    specific intelligence required to make correct decisions. To provide operational and logistical    support necessary to be successful in market development, GSA is the answer
• GSA daily intelligence guidance and training covers the comprehensive strategic plans
• Vetting of all local professional service and product providers
• Kidnap and ransom oversight
• 24/7 total communication services


GSA provides security services to the maritime sector in all areas including:

Specific Services:
    • Cyber Security Systems
    • International regulatory compliance
    • Maritime risk and threat assessment
    • International regulatory compliance

Physical Security Services
    • Port-to-Port
    • GPS and asset tracking
    • Physical guaranteed prevention

Travel Security

GSA teaches a practical approach to safe travel that allows executives, staff, expatriates and vacationers to incorporate safeguards that reduce overall risk and danger. Because most travel risks are associated with international travel, it is important to understand the cultures and customs of each destination. Clients learn how to stay informed of their surroundings and operate without excessive disruption to their travel. GSA consultants have spent many years living and working in high-risk countries and draw on real-life examples to train their clients.


GSA provides the best qualified physical security available worldwide.

   • All GSA protection comes from agents who have operated in actual lethal environments,
      primarily US Navy Seals, Recon Marines, Rangers and CIA field operatives.

    • Even though governments have spent millions training our agents and operatives, they must
      each pass several months of additional training to be qualified-licensed GSA Agents.

GSA Consultants believe a well-trained client is the best defense. Company specialists train clients to implement preventive security measures, recognize security threats, react if confronted with danger and operate after a crisis has occurred. Pre-incident training services include country briefings, table-top exercises, customized simulations, red team drills, evasive driver training and firearms training.


Global Security Agency can provide you with a Personal Protection Security Detail. The GSA team will provide a continuous detail for you or your family. Any incidental expenses (limousine, tuxedos, etc.) will be billed to the individual separately.


GSA offers the following services to Property Owners Associations:

• Vehicle Patrols
• Canine Patrol
• Foot Patrol
• Terror and Riot installed programs

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